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  Over the 12 years of L4L's existence, many documented success stories have been collected.

How is the success of L4L measured? Statistics are great at proving the positive change brought to these communities but the real proof lies in the hearts of the children impacted by L4L.

Most schools actually serve lunch mid-morning because the students come to school hungry. Teachers and principals report that after L4L was implemented and students were fed a nutritious meal, their attention span improved and so did their ability to learn.

A 6th grade education is the difference between a life of poverty and a hope for the future. In L4L sponsored schools, the dropout rate diminishes to almost nothing and the enrollment rate increases, allowing even more children the opportunity for a better life.

But this success goes beyond the children; the impact of this program reaches entire families and strengthens their communities. The schools have become the heart of the communities, where mothers of children who are enrolled come to prepare the meals daily and fathers come to work on projects to improve the school facilities.

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Community Letters

Torrecillas, Moropocay
School: Jose Angel Cerrato
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Principal Letters

Wendy Ivetth Euceda Umanzor
School: 3 de Octubre

Seydi Nehit Izaguirre Ochoa
School: Dionisio de Herrea

Wendy Ivetth Euceda Umanzor
School: Dr. Ersy Sagot Mejia

Marvin Omar Reyes
& Ada Luz Lopez Mejia
School: Dr. Juan Lindo

Celina Cruz
School: Francisco Morazan

Yeny Argentina Arias
School: Alegria Infantil Kindergarten

Dania Torres
School: El Porvenir Preschool

School: Irma Josefa Garcia

Dilcia Gutierrez
School: Francisco Morazan

Rene Matute
School: Benito Montoya

Doris Zambrano
School: Jose Cecilio del Valle

Patricia Mejia
School: Dionisio de Herrera

Robinson Burgos
School: Tres de Octubre

School: Jose Angel Cerrato

Celina Cruz
School: Francisco Morazán La Pena

Marvin Reyes
School: Dr. Juan Lindo, La Puya

Wendy Umanzor
School: Dr. Ersy Sagot Mejia

Jose Reyes Argueta
School: Jose Trinidad Reyes

Nanci Posadas Mejia
School: Julio R. Diaz

Antonio Benegas
School: Las Tablas

Milca Lainez Munguia
School: Ing Ana Julia Garcia

School: Nueva Honduras El Junquillo

Fany Ventura Silva
School: Jose Santos Guardiola

Engy Vargas Hernandez
School: Jose Trinidad Cabanas

School: Andrea Gonzales

School: Romulo Alvarado

School: Policarpo Paz Garcia

School: Manuel de Jesus Subirana

School: Rural Mixta Jose Cecilio del Valle

School: Ramon Amaya Amador

Jose Isaac Hernandez
School: Pedro Nufio

Dania Torres - Teacher
School: Jardin de Ninos El Porvenir
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Student Letters

Isis Mabel Moreno Bonilla
School: Benito Montoya

Keylin Reyes Diaz
School: Dr. Juan Lindo
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