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InRoads Newsletter

The 2018 version of InRoads is coming soon - and "soon" means late October or early November, depending on how fast your mail carrier works. To see last year's edition, follow the link below to view an online FlipBook version:

View the 2016 issue here:
InRoads Newsletter Summer 2016

Here are a couple of back issues from 2015, and a real "walk down memory lane" from Winter 2008:

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Upcoming Events

 November 2018  

Preparing for 2018 Graduation Trips

Please consider joining us on a trip to celebrate graduations with our sponsored schools. The parents, teachers and principals at our Lunches for Learning schools want very much to share these celebrations with the people who have helped make this milestone possible for their students.

November 11-14, 2018

November 14-17, 2018

November 18-21, 2018

https://gallery.mailchimp.com/402030e95dfeb2bdcac43c343/images/84259237-9070-4bc9-94f5-72a56d604e66.jpegAttending graduation is a wonderful way to experience the L4L impact first-hand as we witness graduates receiving their diplomas - reaching a milestone in their lives made possible by our sponsors and donors and the lunch program which allowed so many of these students to remain in school and graduate.

Each trip typically spans a total of 4 days and includes graduation ceremonies at up to four different L4L-sponsored schools. Guests make their own airline reservations while hotel reservations are handled by L4L staff in advance of each trip. Participants will then cover their own hotel costs, meals and incidentals during each trip. All transportation on-the-ground in Honduras is included.

Whether you are already involved with L4L, or are contemplating involvement, we hope you will consider joining us and help us celebrate this wonderful milestone with our friends in Honduras. Be on the lookout for more details in July.


View Photos from 2017 Graduations



Graduation Schedule
November 2018


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Recent Events

September 2018


Handmade Market 
Messiah Lutheran Church - Madison, AL


June & August 2018

We invite you to join us for a trip to Honduras to experience the Lunches for Learning program first-hand at some of our L4L-sponsored schools. A Day-in-the-Life trip takes guests to L4L schools during the regular school day. See the students in their classrooms. Observe the innovative classroom instructional process and how it differs from what you experience back home. And the best part of all is being able to watch the students line-up at lunchtime to receive the lunch provided by our L4L sponsors and then enjoy lunch with them!
June 24-27, 2018
August 22-25, 2018

Even if you have experienced one of our November graduation trips in the past, we invite you to join us for a Day-in-the-Life trip for an even closer look at how the L4L program has transformed these schools through the support of our donors and sponsors. Contact us at empower@lunchesforlearning.org to learn more.


February 2018

The 4th Annual Hearts for Honduras Fundraiser in Roswell, Georgia
February 10, 2018


Montgomery Capital Rotary Club's
2nd Annual Hearts for Children ~ A Valentine's Gala in Montgomery, AL

February 10, 2018


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